Nocturnal Suite

When night falls, for an enchanted moment, we step through Alice’s looking glass to find on the other side a wonderland of inky black skies and enchanted objects floating in pools of light. Illuminated by artificial light sources, the ordinary and familiar are effortlessly transformed, appearing at once extraordinary unfamiliar.. All through the night, the physical partakes of the metaphysical. A grave yard crew earth moving project appears suspended in time on the surface of the moon. A vacant car wash assumes the form of a predatory creature from the Pleistocene era. A miniature golf course recalls a dense Rousseau painting alive with startling plant forms and unusual water sources. A solitary woman sits alone in a sea of tents, a visionary moment suspended in the very soul of the night.

My great-great grandmother knitted by the fragile glow of gas lanterns. In her time, once the sun set, the powerful presence of night dominated the fragile light sources created by human hand. Today, while the constellations dance overhead, the night landscape is shattered by powerful light sources that transform night into day and compete with the stars and planets of the night sky.