Artist's Statement

When I pause to reflect, I know that like Alice, I have felt a kinship with places of enchantment, enigma and paradox. Drawn back in time by the claims of memory and within by the startling conundrums inherent in dreams, I have felt my way along elusive passages in the white rabbit’s subterranean habitat. Through the ceremonial act of making images and prose, I have found a way to try to unravel the tenuous nature of life bound to the inevitability of death and to celebrate the terror and beauty of the natural world. In the process, I have made drawings, photographic prints, prose images, collaborated with musicians and other artists and given professional presentations on the nature of metaphor, memory and dream. A deep conviction that metaphor is not an abstraction, not an idea, not even an idea about a feeling, but the very feeling itself, a feeling that arises spontaneously and unbidden to the surface to take the form of imagery, guides my teaching and my creative work. The opportunity to work with generations of gifted artists and the privilege of witnessing the lives of my two children unfold led to and deepened my interest in memory and dream as potential sources for works of art. The opportunity to speak on the nature of the creative process for professional psychoanalytic societies has compelled me to think more deeply about how images come into being and why we know we need them alive and flourishing within the bedrock of our lives.